Every Human Heart

Video EP

Warren Dunes

An interdisciplinary video series that pairs the sunny and uplifting music of Warren Dunes with local public art.

Set against the backdrop of three Seattle-based murals, the Every Human Heart Video EP juxtaposes Warren Dunes’ sunny and uplifting “post-modern beach music” with local, story-rich visual art from Ballard to Lake City.


We wanted this series to represent the band’s music and brand with fun, high-quality video content. Working closely with community organizers like Mark Mendez (the mastermind behind the Lake City Mural Project) and members of The Ballard Alliance, we selected three public art sites that paired well with Warren Dunes’ music and message of equity, unity, and resilience. To keep the budget artist-friendly, we squeezed three locations into a single shoot date. It turned out to be a blast and we met some incredible new artists and friends along the way!


Here’s what the band had to say about the series: “not only did our audience respond with positive reviews, but [the series] helped to engage followers well after the initial rollout because we finally had high quality content which bolstered our sites.”