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Lorenzo and Cosmo Edit – 2020-12-03 – IM

Bad Habit is two brothers

following their dream

to tell great stories 

with people they love.

cosmo rossi

We’ve been collaborating creatively as long as we can remember. From flip phone short films to full length bedroom albums, we learned early on that a strong concept is key no matter what kind of media we're making.


Since then, both of us have gone on to freelance in the entertainment industry. Cosmo works as a recording and mix engineer at Avast Recording Co. and Lorenzo records, edits, and mixes sound for visual media. As artists and business owners, we know firsthand how challenging it is to market yourself when focusing on a craft.


We started Bad Habit to make exceptional content accessible to creative people like you. By sharing diverse perspectives through compelling media, we can make social media better for everyone.

Let's make something cool!


Cosmo & Lorenzo :-)


lorenzo rossi

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