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let’s make

social media

a better place.

we produce creative and engaging content

with a focus on highlighting local BIPOC artists and small businesses

social media is exhausting.


with so many brands spewing cookie-cutter content, it can feel impossible to keep up

we get it.


as artists and business owners, we formed Bad Habit to support people like us

let’s do something different.

by making media production fun and accessible,

we can amplify underrepresented voices while sharing content people actually care about


get back to doing what you love.


let us translate your brand into unique, tailored, and consistent social content so you can focus on what matters


"We absolutely LOVED working with Bad Habit Media. They are the BEST media collective we've had the pleasure of working with in our Seattle experience. They are a professional, respectful, honest and well equipped staff of Creatives which we feel gives them insight on how to work with Artists. And, they produce FIYAH content that can be shared on any level/platform. We will definitely find ways to work with them again. Big Things on the way for Bad Habit Media!! #StayStaxin"

Black Stax Color Edit – IMG_3668.jpg

black stax

seattle rap duo

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